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New Monsoon super1 Engine Oil effectively lubricates, while managing moisture and conditioning rubber and plastic seals and O-rings. It ensures smooth running, reduces wear and helps motors last for years. It also helps prevent corrosion and deposits, allowing running cleanly and reliably while reducing wear, extending tool life. I recommend this product on the basis of my experience.

Mr. Rodrigues O Brian

Most engine oils, however, are just automotive oils, which are formulated with fuel economy in mind, not engine durability. But Mansoon Super1 Engine Oil, in contrast, isn’t merely a automotive oil – it’s designed specifically for the unique demands of engines. It contains a heavy dose of anti-wear additives to protect against wear for maximum power and engine life. It also contains potent detergency additives to fight harmful deposits. This is the oil which can be used without any second thought. I recommend it for all users of motor oils.

Mr. Reggie Rogers

Monsoon super1 Engine Oil minimized the deposits and kept the engine running strong. Easier starts in cold weather, ultimate in protection at any temperature and zero wear on engines are the features that have proven beyond doubt. We recommend the usage of this oil which is one of the best performance oils available around.

Mr. Clancy Roberts

The advantages of Monsoon lubricants and oils are well proven with the fact that they offer a full long-term protection and performance. For those who desire better than conventional oils Super1 monsoon oils is the best choice. Excellent fuel mileage with peak performance proves that this product is far superior in every quantifiable category. Our consistent usage has proven its superior quality over others.

Mr. Sue Tong Lee

Monsoon super1 Engine Oil has helped to increase performance and engine life due to wear. Ability to reduce energy lost to friction, maximizing power and fuel economy, with excellent film strength, guarding against abrasion in the toughest conditions and easy low-temperature start-up are the best advantages of Monsoon Super1 Engine oil. I recommend this product to all those who look for performance and like a hassle free usage.

Mr. Hui Ping Zi